► ATX-1956F Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **

► ATX-1956F Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **
Item# 1956F-SUBST-300W
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Product Description

► ATX-1956F Power supply ** FREE SHIPPING! **
  • ATX-1956F Power Supply.

  • Free Shipping ATX-1956F Power Supply.

  • Replacement upgrade for Bestec ATX-1956F Power Supply 200 Watts Original ( 1956F ) and ATX-1956D ( 1956D )

  • Replacement power supply for HP Part # and Compaq 0950-4106, 0950-4107 Presario Models.

  • This Replacement upgrade 300 Watt power supply is 100% Compatible with these HP Pavilion Models:

  • Pavilion 304w, Pavilion 325c, Pavilion 354n, Pavilion 364n, Pavilion 374n, Pavilion 503g, Pavilion 503n,

    Pavilion 503w, Pavilion 503x, Pavilion 504n, Pavilion 504w, Pavilion 505n, Pavilion 505w, Pavilion 506x,

    Pavilion 512c, Pavilion 513c, Pavilion 513g, Pavilion 513m, Pavilion 513n, Pavilion 513w, Pavilion 513x,

    Pavilion 514c, Pavilion 514n, Pavilion 514x, Pavilion 515n, Pavilion 515w, Pavilion 515x, Pavilion 516x,

    Pavilion 521n, Pavilion 522, Pavilion 522n, Pavilion 523c, Pavilion 523n, Pavilion 524c, Pavilion 524g,

    Pavilion 524w, Pavilion 525c, Pavilion 525w, Pavilion 525x, Pavilion 526x, Pavilion 533c, Pavilion 533w,

    Pavilion 532w, Pavilion 533c, Pavilion 533w, Pavilion 542x, Pavilion 43x, Pavilion 544n, Pavilion 545x,

    Pavilion 553x, Pavilion 553w, Pavilion 554x, Pavilion 563w, Pavilion 564w, Pavilion 564x, Pavilion 576x,

    Pavilion 6330, Pavilion 6333, Presario 6301rsh,

    Pavilion 6336, Pavilion 6343, Pavilion 6346, Pavilion 6340, Pavilion 6350, Pavilion 6355, Pavilion 6353,

    Pavilion 6356, Pavilion 6357, Pavilion 6360, Pavilion 6370Z, Pavilion 6460, Pavilion 6465, Pavilion 6466,

    Pavilion 6468, Pavilion 6475Z, Pavilion 701, Pavilion 703c, Pavilion 710, Pavilion 713c, Pavilion 716n,

    Pavilion 724c, Pavilion 725n, Pavilion 733n, Pavilion 734n, Pavilion 735n, Pavilion 742c, Pavilion 743c,

    Pavilion 743g, Pavilion 744v, Pavilion 746c, Pavilion 750, Pavilion 751n, Pavilion 752c,

    Pavilion 752n, Pavilion 752w, Pavilion 753c, Pavilion 753n, Pavilion 754n, Pavilion 754v, Pavilion 755v,

    Pavilion 760, Pavilion 761, Pavilion 761c, Pavilion 763c, Pavilion 763n, Pavilion 764c, Pavilion 764n,

    Pavilion 764x, Pavilion 780n,

    Pavilion 78xx Series, Pavilion 783c, Pavilion 7842, Pavilion 7864, Pavilion 7867, Pavilion 7875,

    Pavilion 793c, Pavilion 794c, Pavilion 794n, Pavilion 7965, Pavilion 7975, Pavilion 8533Z, Pavilion 854,

    Pavilion 854n, Pavilion 8543c, Pavilion 8550c, Pavilion 8555c, Pavilion 8556c, Pavilion 8560c, Pavilion 856x,

    Pavilion 8562, Pavilion 8565c, Pavilion 8566c, Pavilion 8570c, Pavilion 8575c, Pavilion 8576c, Pavilion 8578c,

    Pavilion 8595c, Pavilion 8580c, Pavilion 8590c, Pavilion 864, Pavilion 864n, Pavilion 8650c, Pavilion 8652c,

    Pavilion 8655c, Pavilion 8656c, Pavilion 8660c, Pavilion 8662c, Pavilion 8665c, Pavilion 8668c, Pavilion 8674D,

    Pavilion 8674F, Pavilion 8676c, Pavilion 8686c, Pavilion 8694F, Pavilion 8699F, Pavilion 8750c, Pavilion 8754c,

    Pavilion 8755c, Pavilion 8756c, Pavilion 8760c, Pavilion 8762c, Pavilion 8765c, Pavilion 8766c, Pavilion 8770c,

    Pavilion 8772c, Pavilion 8775c, Pavilion 8776c, Pavilion 876x, Pavilion 8785c, Pavilion 884, Pavilion 884n,

    Pavilion 886c, Pavilion 8860, Pavilion 8870, Pavilion 894c, Pavilion 896c, Pavilion 9680c, Pavilion 9682c,

    Pavilion 9686c, Pavilion 9688c, Pavilion 9690c, Pavilion 9692c, Pavilion 9694c, Pavilion 9695c, Pavilion 9780c, Pavilion 9790c, Pavilion 513 CTO, Pavilion 522 CTO, Pavilion 523 CTO, Pavilion 533 CTO, Pavilion 542 CTO, Pavilion 543 CTO, Pavilion 552 CTO, Pavilion 554E CTO, Pavilion 554Y CTO, Pavilion 555E CTO, Pavilion 555Y CTO, Pavilion 562 CTO, Pavilion 573 BTCO, Pavilion 700 CTO, Pavilion 710 CTO, Pavilion 743 CTO, Pavilion 750 CTO, Pavilion 751 CTO, Pavilion 752 CTO, Pavilion 753 CTO, Pavilion 760 CTO, Pavilion 761 CTO, Pavilion 763 CTO, Pavilion 772 CTO, Pavilion 774E CTO, Pavilion 774Y CTO, Pavilion 775E CTO, Pavilion 775Y CTO, Pavilion 7800 CTO, Pavilion 783 CTO, Pavilion 793 CTO, Pavilion 7900 CTO, Pavilion 7905 CTO, Pavilion 7910 CTO, Pavilion 8400 CTO, Pavilion 8500 CTO, Pavilion 8700A CTO, Pavilion 8700I CTO, Pavilion 8400 CTO, Pavilion 8500 CTO, Pavilion 9600 CTO, Pavilion 9600A CTO, Pavilion 9600I CTO, Pavilion 9800 CTO, Pavilion xl754, Pavilion xl756, Pavilion xl759, Pavilion xl761, Pavilion xl766, Pavilion xl768, Pavilion xl773, Pavilion xl866, Pavilion xl876, Pavilion xp775, Pavilion xp788, Pavilion xp789, Pavilion xp795, Pavilion XT860, Pavilion XT865, Pavilion XT878, Pavilion XT938, Pavilion XT958, Pavilion XT959, Pavilion XT978, Pavilion XT983 more . . .

  • HP Part Numbers 0950-2800, 0950-3426, 0950-3623, 0950-3751, 0950-3961, 0950-4106, 0950-4107, 0950-4097, 0950-4270, 5184-3961.

    Media Center Models:

    Media Center 873n, Media Center m200y CTO, Media Center m260n, m270, m270n, m280n, m370n, m380, m380n, m390n, m385c, m376n, m476n, m377n, 863n desktop PC, 883n, 894c.

    Compaq Presario Models:

  • Presario 6000T CTO P8654A, Presario 6000T CTO P8654B, Compaq Presario 6000T CTO, P8654C, Presario 6000T CTO P8654D, Presario 6000T CTO P8654P, Presario 6000T CTO P8654Q, Presario 6000Z CTO P8654E, Presario 6000Z CTO P8654F, Presario 6000Z CTO P8654G, Presario 6000Z CTO P8654H, Presario 6288AP, Presario 6300US, Presario 6301RSH, Presario 6310US, Presario 6315CL, Presario 6320US, Presario 6324SE, Presario 6325CL, Presario 6326SE, Presario 6330US, Presario 6331RSH, Presario 6333OM, Presario 6350US, Presario 6351RSH, Presario 6370US, Presario 6400NX, Presario 6401RSH, Presario 6404US, Presario 6410NX, Presario 6412US, Presario 6415CL, Presario 6420NX, Presario 6421US, Presario 6422SE, Presario 6430NX, Presario 6433US, Presario 6435CL, Presario 6450NX, Presario 6454NX, Presario 6470NX, Presario 6470CA, Presario 6473SA, Presario 6475CL, Presario 6485CL.

    6000T, 8000T, S3000T, S3000V, S3000Z, S4000J, S4000T, S4000V, S4000Z, S5000J, S5000V, S6000T, S6000V, S6000Z, S6010V

    S3000NX, S3010CL, S3030RK, S3030US, S3040SE, S3100NX, S3200NX, S3300NX, S3310CL, S3310OM, S3500CL, S4000NX, S4010CL, S4010OM, S4020WM, S4030NX, S4040SE, S4100NX, S4110CL, S4120WM, S4200NX, S4210NX, S4214BD, S4220NX, S4300CL, S4300NX, S4500NX, S5000CL, S5008NX, S5010NX, S5140WM, S5020NX, S5030NX, S5200CL, S5314ST, S5322CC, S5410NX, S6000CL, S6000NX, S6030NX, S6100NX, S6010NX, S6020WM, S6104NX, S6200CL, S6220WM, S6300NX, S6306RC, S6308NX, S6500NX, S6700CL, S6700NX, S6900NX, S7300CL, SR1000T, SR1000V, SR1000Z.

  • Application Notes: Bestec ATX-1951D, Bestec ATX-1956D, Bestec ATX-1956F, Delta DPS-110MB-1, Delta DPS-145PB-112, Delta DPS-160GB B, Delta DPS-180KB, Delta DPS-200PB, HIPRO HP-150CLFA6, HIPRO HP-A2027F3, HIPRO HP-A1507F3, LiteOn PS-5101-2, LiteON PS-5151-6, LiteOn PS-5151-2H3, LiteOn PS-6151-6C2, LiteOn PS-6161-2H, LiteOn PS-6161-2H1, LiteOn PS-6251-01 are common HP OEM parts.

  • Substitute for ACBel API-7675, ACBel API-8541, Astec AA20360, Bestec ATS-100, Bestec ATS-150, Bestec ATX-1956D, Bestec ATX-1956F, Delta DPS-110-1, Delta DPS-145PB-112, Delta DPS-160GB, Delta DPS-200PB-74 B, Hipro HP-146SSA, Hipro HP-146SSC, Hipro HP-A2027F3, HiPro HP-D2537F3R, HP Compaq 0950-2800, 0950-3253, 0950-3426, 0950-3623, 0950-3751, 0950-4106, 0950-4107, 0950-4270, 5183-6914, 5184-3961, 5187-1061, IBM 20L2166, In Win IPS-1806CV-60, In Win IW-P180B2-0, In Win IW-P180BX-0, In Win IW-P180BX-1, In Win LPS-1806DV-20, Liteon PS-6161-2H, Yokogawa PS036B-0101 Power Supply.

  • 1x ATX 20 Pin connector
  • 1x 12V 4 Pin Connector
  • 4x Connectors Hard Drive, CD-Rom, DVD & CD-RW.
  • 1x Floppy Drive Connector.
  • Certified by UL, CB, CE, TUV, & FCC.
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation Instructions.

  • Dimension: 5 7/8"(Width) x 3 3/8"(Height) x 4"(Depth)

    This is a Brand New Power Supply.

  • Need help installing this power supply? Or not sure if this power supply will work with your system.

  • Free Technical Support!!! Please call us Tel. 908-241-4996 from 10:00am to 5:00pm EST. (Mon-Fri) or leave us a message.


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