Asus Power Cord Replacement ** FREE SHIPPING! **

Asus Power Cord Replacement ** FREE SHIPPING! **
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Product Description

Asus Power Cord Replacement .

Brand New AC Adapters for only $25.00

  • Input 120-240V 50-60Hz 65W (for worldwide use)
  • Output:19V 3.42A
  • Tip diameter is2.5mm inside /5.5mm outside
  • Includes: AC Adapter+Power Cord.

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  • Replacement AC Adapter for Part # PA-1650-66, Asus ADP-65JH BB, EXA0703YH, SADP-65NB AB, Asus ADP-60DB, ADP-65JH AB, ADP-65JH CB, EXA1208UH, 04g266010700, AD887320, X55A-BCL092A, X55A-RBK2, X55A-RBK4.....

    Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!

    Compatible Models:

  • Asus SW1 VBI, U1E, U1F, U2E, U6E

    Asus K Series:K45A, K450CA, K40IJ, K40IN, K40IJ-E1B, K42F, K42F-A1, K42F-A2B, K50, K50AB, K50IJ, K50IN, K50IJ-D2, K50IJ-F1B, K50IJ-RX05, K52F, K52JB, K55a, K53e, K52f, K53U....

    Asus P Series: P50IJ, P50IJ-X1, P50IJ-X2

    Asus A2 Series: A2000L, A2L

    Asus A3 Series: A3000, A3000A, A3000Ac, A3000E, A3000H, A3000L, A3000N, A3A, A3Ac, A3E, A3FC, A3H, A3L, A3N, A3VC, A3VP

    Asus A5 Series: A5E, A5EB, A5EC

    Asus A6 Series: A6000, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000Rp, A6000U, A6000Vc, A6F, A6JC, A6JM, A6KT, A6M, A6N, A6Ne, A6Rp, A6T, A6TC, A6U, A6Vc

    Asus A8 Series: A8E, A8F, A8FM, A8H, A8He, A8Jr, A8M

    Asus A9 Series: A9Rp

    Asus B5 Series: B50A

    Asus F2 Series: F2F, F2JE,

    Asus F3 Series: F3F, F3H, F3Jm, F3Jv

    Asus F5 Series: F5M, F5N, F5R, F5RL

    Asus F6 Series: F6E

    Asus F9 Series: F9E, F9F, F9J

    Asus L2 Series: L2000E, L2E

    Asus L3 Series: L3000C, L3000S, L3400, L3400C, L3800, L34, L34C, L3C, L3S

    Asus L4 Series: L4000E, L4000R, L4500, L4500R, L4E, L4R

    Asus M2 Series: M2000, M2000A, M2000E, M2000N, M2000Ne, M2A, M2C, M2E, M2N, M2Ne

    Asus M24 Series: M24, M2400, M2400A, M2400E, M2400N, M2400NE, M24A, M24E, M24N

    Asus M3 Series: M3, M3000, M3000N, M3NP, M3000NP, M3N

    Asus M52 Series: M52A, M52Ae, M5200A, M5200Ae

    Asus M6 Series: M6000, M6000BN, M6000BNe, M6000N, M6000Ne, M6000r, M6A, M6BN, M6BNe, M6N, M6Ne, M6R, M6V

    Asus N1 Series: N10E, N10J, N10Jc

    Asus R1 Series: R1E, R1F

    Asus S1 Series: S1000N, S1300N, S1N, S13N

    Asus S6 Series: S6F, S6Fm

    Asus S9 Series: S96F, S96Fm VBI

    Asus K Series: K40IJ, K40IN, K40IJ-E1B, K42F, K42F-A1, K42F-A2B, K50IJ, K50IN, K50IJ-D2, K50IJ-F1B, K50IJ-RX05, K52F, K52JB

    Asus P Series: P50IJ, P50IJ-X1, P50IJ-X2

    Asus U Series: U1E, U1F, U2E, U50G, U5A, U50A, U5F, U50F, U6E, U8A, U80A, U81A, U8V, U80V, UL20, UL20A, UL20A-A1, UL30V, UL30Vt, UL30VT-A1, UL50, UL50A, UL50Ag, UL50Ag-A2, UL50Ag-A3B, UL50, UL50V, UL50Vt, UL50Vt-A1, UL50Vt,-X1, UL50, UL50Vs, UL50Vs-A1B, UL80, UK80V, UL80Vt, UL80Vt-A1, UL80A, UL80Ag, UL80Ag-A1, UL80Ag-A2B, UX50v

    Asus V6 Series: V6, V6000, V6000J, V6000V, V6000Va, V6J, V6V, V6Va

    Asus V68 Series: V68, V68V, V6800, V6800V

    Asus W1 Series: W1, W1000, W1000N, W1Ga, W1Gc, W1N, W1Na

    Asus W3 Series: W3A, W3N, W3Z, W3V

    Asus W5 Series: W5000, W5000A, W5000Ae, W5000AF, W5000F, W5000Fe, W5000Fm, W5A, W5Ae, W5F, W5Fe, W5Fm

    Asus W6 Series: W6A, W6F, W6FP

    Asus W7 Series: W7F

    Asus X Series: X44H, X551MAV, X551MAV-RCLN06, X55A.....

    Asus X5 Series: X50GL, X50RL, X51H, X51L, X51R, X51RL

    Asus Z33 Series: Z33, Z33A, Z33Ae, Z3300, Z3300A

    Asus Z35 Series: Z35, Z3500, Z3500Fm, Z35Fm

    Asus Z61 Series: Z6100A, Z6100Ae, Z61A, A61Ae,

    Asus Z63 Series: Z6300A, Z63A

    Asus Z70 Series: Z7000, Z7000A, Z7000N, Z7000Ne, Z7000V, Z7000Va, Z70A, Z70N, Z70Ne, Z70V, Z70Va

    Asus Z71 Series: Z71, Z7100, Z7100A, Z7100V, Z7100Vp, Z71A, Z71V, Z71Vp

    Asus Z84 Series: Z8400F, Z84F

    Asus Z9 Series: Z9, Z9000

    Asus Z91 Series: Z9100A, Z9100Ac, Z9100E, Z9100F, Z9100Fc, Z9100N, Z91A, Z91Ac, Z91E, Z91F, Z91Fc, Z91N

    Asus Z92 Series: Z9200, Z9200Km, Z92Km

    Asus Z93 Series: Z9300E, Z93E

    AAsus Z96 Series: Z9600F, Z9600Fm, Z96F, Z96Fm

    Plus Many More!

    3 Promises:

    30-Day Money Back, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and No restocking fee!

    All AC DC Power Adapters are inspected and tested prior to shipping.

    Full 2 Year Same Day Product Replacement Warranty.

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    I ordered two power supplies and was in a hurry for one of them and asked for expedited shipping...the folks at 911forpcs took the extra shipping charge OFF my bill since regular ground service was going to get to me in the same 2 day time frame. I appreciated them showing such exceptional customer service.

    K.M., Connecticut.

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